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PATENT NO.#5794944  •  AUGUST 18, 1998

We invite you to get in the cash cube game!

There is something irresistible about money blowing cash cube machines.

Are you looking for something wild to make an impression or just have some fun with your marketing? Consider an LR Money Machine cash cube for parties, events, or promotions. We have provided these products for 20 years and are the patent holder of the technology. Our cash cubes are guaranteed under a full warranty for five years because we believe in the high quality of our product.

Cash cubes are lightweight and portable so you are not limited to where and when you can implement them. Money blowing machines are a great investment and they work to get customers in the door. Everyone loves to get in the cash cube, entering a virtual tornado of dollars or coupons. Often a promotional drawing will be held to determine the lucky ones who get to step into the cash cube - money blowing machines are in high demand and we have them for rent or sale.

Here are just a few of the places utilizing our cash cubes where you may get a chance to step into the vortex of money:

  1. Casinos
  2. Hotels
  3. Radio stations
  4. Furniture stores
  5. Banks
  6. Blood donation centers
  7. Factory outlets
  8. Schools

Why get your cash cube from LR Money Machines?

Simply put, our cash cubes are the best on the market because we created them. Years of technology has enabled us to improve on the original idea so that you get a cash cube that will take you places with your marketing. Just about anything can be incentivized with a chance to step into a cash cube money blowing machine.

Birthday parties for all ages love an exciting chance to grab more than everyone else, and do so while laughing with your friends. Even schools have been known to provide a cash cube experience to students, making learning more fun. Employers take note: work doesn't always have to be so serious! Cash cubes bring the fun to the office, delighting employees and customers alike.

Most of all, cash cubes attract business. You will be assured of new customers walking in the door to take a chance in your cash cube, and you can rent or buy from us, LR Money Machines - the inventor of the cash cube. Contact us for more information and to get your original cash cube.

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