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How Can I Attract People To My Convention Booth?

The secret to your success is the cash cube.

A Money Blowing Machine or Money Booth is the perfect promotional tool to attract a crowd and create a buzz of excitement at your next event or to draw potential customers to your convention booth. People will line up for the chance to win big by standing in a Money Booth swirling with cash or other prizes.

Guaranteed to draw a crowd and create an air of excitement, a Money Booth can be stocked not only with cash but also vouchers, promotional bills or coupons that can be used towards the products and services that you offer. They are a great way to offer incentives and discounts towards your higher priced items ultimately driving more sales for your business.

A Money Booth is also a great marketing tool to utilize in all advance advertising and marketing materials (Display Ads, TV & Radio Spots etc.) for your event or booth, alerting the public to the opportunity to win big with cash or promotional items.

Money Booths are one of the best promotional tools!

  1. They draw a crowd
  2. They create a buzz
  3. They add excitement to your booth or event
  4. People will line up for a chance to win
  5. They’re a great way to offer promotional items and other incentives
  6. Great for advance publicity and marketing materials

Ideas for using a Money Booth at your next event or convention:

  1. Set up an hourly drawing
  2. Utilize coupons or other promotional incentives in addition to or instead of cash
  3. Use as a team building tool to motivate staff
  4. Customize with your logo/branding
  5. Control the cost of your giveaways

Create a buzz at your next event or be the hit of the convention with a Money Blowing Machine! Contact us for sales or rentals of the original cash cube.

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