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PATENT NO.#5794944  •  AUGUST 18, 1998

How do you energize your marketing with a cash booth?

Marketing and promotions are best served by high energy attractions like cash grab booths.

As the inventors and patent holders of the original money blowing booth, LR Money Machines offers your marketing department their very own cash booth for sale or rental. We have seen first hand the success that comes from these machines at events and promotions for over 20 years now. We are your best source for cash grab booths because ours come with a five year warranty and they come at a variety of price points.

In a nutshell, marketing is simply getting the word out about a product, service, or company. Basic ways to do so are with advertising, print materials, social media, networking, customer interactions, and both small scale and large scale events and parties. These gatherings are the most successful when they have a focal point of fun: a cash booth fits the bill to perfection.

We have a few ideas for how to make the most of your cash booth for marketing:

  1. Use coupons instead of money in the booth
  2. Place one "golden ticket" in the booth for a lucky winner
  3. Hold a raffle for who gets their time in the cash booth
  4. Take photos and videos of cash booth fun and post online
  5. Use play money in the booth at childrens' events
  6. Make sure everyone who participates feels like a winner
  7. Get radio stations involved in your event
  8. Do a cash booth for charity and raise money for a good cause

It is impossible not to smile or laugh with cash booths

In today's busy and stressful times, people want to have fun. They may not want to listen to a sale presentation or take your brochures home with them, but they will certainly want a chance to feel good either getting in the cash booth or watching others do so, especially friends and family. This experience creates memories, especially if it is later posted online on social media channels like Facebook or Youtube. Instead of your business going the traditional marketing route, give your customers and potential customers a great time.

If you are at a trade show or convention, cash booths attract attendees like nothing else. Let the ideas flow when you are ready to utilize the marketing power of a cash booth for visibility. Rent or buy your own cash booth from the established experts at LR Money Machines. Contact us for more information and to energize your events and promotions with a cash grab booth.

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